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The SureCall Force5 2.0 Omni/Ultra Thin Dome Antenna with Plenum Cable signal booster system is designed to handle any type of signal environment and provide the most possible coverage inside with an FCC maximum +17 dBm of downlink power.

It features the new SureIQ technology, which allows the amplifier to adjust it's boosting power all of the way down to 0, so it can handle any strength of outside signal without overloading. It will boost all of the networks from the major carriers in North America, so it's the perfect solution for any large home or business.

The Force5 2.0 has the best signal filters of any amplifier on the market, which means that the booster signal is of the highest quality and lowest amount of noise. Your users will have more bars and faster data speeds because of this. 

Kit Includes

Force5 2.0 Signal Amplifier
Power Supply for Force5 2.0 Amplifier
75 ft of 400 Series Plenum Cable
30 ft of 400 Series Plenum Cable
Omni Outside Antenna (50 ohm) 
Low Profile Dome Inside Antenna (50 ohm)

The SureCall Fusion4Home Omni signal booster kit is a great solution for small to midsize homes and businesses where you have a medium strength signal outside and need to distribute that within the building.

The Fusion4Home Omni comes with either a whip or panel antenna, so you can choose the right solution for your needs.

The whip antenna connects directly to the amplifier, so you'll need to place this unit within the area that needs better signal.  if you're ok with having equipment visible in your home or business, then this could be a good option for you.

The panel antenna is a more powerful type of antenna than the whip, so you'll receive more coverage with this antenna option. It can be mounted on the ceiling, wall or even in the attic facing downwards to broadcast signal throughout the house. 



Kit Includes

Fusion4Home Signal Amplifier 
Power Supply for Fusion4Home Amplifier
50 ft of RG6 Cable
Omnidirectional Outside Antenna (75 ohm)
Whip Inside Antenna (if whip option is chosen)
Panel Inside Antenna (if panel option is chosen)
20 ft of 240 Cable (if panel option is chosen)

The weBoost Home Room Signal Booster Kit is designed to improve poor cell reception, increase Internet speeds, and eliminate dropped calls and dead spots in your home or office. The Home Room is an economical, entry level signal booster, so it's ideal for covering a small space or a single room, rather than an entire house with boosted signal. It's also a great option for small cabins, construction trailers, shipping containers, cubicles, and more.

The weBoost Home Room is designed to cover a small area inside of a home or office. Depending on where you mount the outside antenna, and how strong the existing signal is at that point, it may be possible to get up to 1,500 sq ft of coverage from the Home Room. However, most installations will only cover one or two small rooms with a boosted signal.



Kit Includes

weBoost Home Room 60 dB Amplifier
Panel Antenna with F-Female Connector and wall/pole mount hardware
Desktop Antenna with SMA-Male Connector
30' White RG6 Low Loss Coax Cable
20' White RG6 Low Loss Coax Cable
F-Female Barrel Connector for RG6 Cable 
8" Flat Coax Cable (to run external cable through a closed window)


The weBoost Home MultiRoom  is the ideal solution for homes that require better signal in some of the rooms, but don't need our most powerful home system to cover the entire house.

If you have a strong existing outside signal, then the Home MultiRoom can cover up to 5,000 sq ft inside of your house.  It will simultaneously boost all of the networks (2G, 3G and 4G LTE) from all of the major carriers in North America, to give you fast data and reliable calling.

The Home MultiRoom now has an improved design aesthetic, so the antennas and amplifier look better when installed in your home, and the uplink and downlink powers have been increased, so you can use the Home MultiRoom in even more rural areas.






Kit Includes

weBoost 5-Band Home MultiRoom 65 dB Amplifier
Wide-Band Directional Antenna with F-Female Connector
Wide-Band Panel Antenna with F-Female Connector
30' White RG6 Low Loss Coax Cable (for use with Inside Antenna)
2 x 15' White Low Loss Cables with Barrel Connector
8" Flat Coax Cable
Antenna Hardware Mounting Kit


We Will Design And Install A System Specific For Your Area And Needs


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