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Tower Space Available



We have multiple tower locations in Bemidji, Cass Lake, Park Rapids, and Walker MN with available leasing space.

Most tower sites are located in the most advantageous hills and high spots already taken. With the current trend of no-more permits being available, in a lot of areas,

leasing tower space is the only alternative in many parts of the country.

When you lease tower space, all the worry of maintaining the structure, insurance, painting, lighting, building maintenance, and climate are taken care of for you. Your antenna is located at a predetermined height and the communications equipment installed into the provided building. It's the owner's problem to maintain and provide the services that you are paying for.


Getting a good tower site location on the edge of town can make a real difference in the total performance

of your communication system.

Own Your Own Tower?

At Roger's Two Way Radio we have a tower crew on staff certified to perform field audits, tower Inspection, tower installation, painting, lighting repair or replacement, and RF site equipment, maintenance and installation.



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