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Roger Paskvan: President

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An Iron Ranger from birth, Roger obtained a ham license at age 14 and a commercial First Class FCC license at 16. His first real experience in the two-way radio communication field came from a part-time high school job fixing Motorola radios for a friend in Chisholm, Mn after school. Little did he know that this unpaid learning experience would lay the foundation for a life-long career?

     Roger attended Hibbing JR College and transferred to the University of North Dakota in 1966. Graduating in Industrial Electronics in 1969, he obtained a graduate teaching position at UND. Roger pursued a Masters degree graduating in 1971. After teaching vocational electronics in East Grand Forks for six years, he moved to Bemidji and bought a resort. Making a living at the resort business became a real challenge and it was necessary to pursue outside income to pay the bills. Roger began repairing and servicing radio communication

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equipment in 1976 for local law enforcement. The following year he began teaching as a professor at Bemidji State University (Radio and Television Broadcasting). The resort was finally sold and the Two Way business expanded. Roger's Two Way Radio became a franchised Motorola service shop in 1977. In 1979 the first of many towers was erected on the east side of Bemidji. The next year a 500-foot structure was put up to rent to broadcasters and two-way customers.

     In 1983 Roger obtained the first of many paging licenses and began to offer paging services in this area. In 1987 the business was too big for his home and a new building was constructed to accommodate the customer load. Several more employees were brought on board as the business expanded.

     Since high school, Roger also enjoyed the field of radio broadcasting. While in Grand Forks he was employed as chief engineer at KNOX radio. After moving to Bemidji, Roger worked as the consultant engineer for KKBJ. He also pursued a dream of obtaining a FCC Fm broadcast station license. This was a new channel that would be brought into Bemidji. The license was granted in 1990 and the radio station was constructed above the present two-way building. WBJI began broadcasting in Sept. 1991 with an oldies format. The transmitter and antenna found a convenient home on the existing 500 ft tower north of town. Four years later, radio station KKBJ AM-FM was purchased and all the broadcasting facilities moved into that facility south of town. Currently, R.P. Broadcasting has 20 employees and continues providing entertainment for the Bemidji area.

     In 1993 the present two way building was remodeled adding a large sales floor and a three-stall garage. Rogers two-way now has 10 employees and services all the law enforcement in the surrounding five counties. The paging business has expanded to include a 100-mile area with the addition of several tower locations.

     Currently Roger is still teaching at BSU and oversees the two way and broadcasting businesses. He has two children, Valeri and Troy. His hobbies are electronics, ham radio, scuba diving, swimming and traveling to all parts of the world. He enjoys family activities and loves to grow fruits and vegetables.

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